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With 25 years design and development experience in the outdoor apparel industry, I have built a deep and thorough knowledge of what is needed to be successful. Through consistently upgrading my skill set I have built an adaptive, and yet robust set of abilities to create and develop for the right market and situation.

I have consistent delivered on both long term strategic initiatives, as well as on impactful key market disruption projects, all whilst successfully managing teams across design and development.

Communication is power and I truly believe that an idea cannot come to fruition if it is not properly cared for throughout the process. Therefore I build and develop creative timelines and process’ that take time to offer space and clarity for everyone involved.


The ethos of how you work with people, I believe is as important as the work itself.


There is always a lot of emphasis put upon the final result, but in getting there it is important to look, analyse and consider every interaction we make. Getting a product to market is full of situations that need careful consideration.

I will spend time to look, listen and interact with everyone involved in the process. This is to make sure all information is in place with everyone who needs this it. Focus on the process and people, not just the product itself.



Creative Direction

  • Creative presentations to enable new or focused brand direction.

  • Styling specific direction to enable consistency throughout the handwriting of a collection.

  • Trend & colour analysis, including forecasting & colour evolution.

  • Logo and branding analysis, including design & development.

  • Creative analysis of current ranges to enable a full or part refocus of a brand.

Brand Building

  • Brand and concept building, with focus on ascertaining potential opportunities.

  • Consumer profiling to enable focused & targeted product creation.

  • Collection merchandising, including outfit building, cross connection & positioning.

  • Forward projection presentations with multi-stage focus.

  • Cross team presentations on the importance of brand building.

Strategic Planning

  • Project timeline analysis, with key action points.

  • Product brief analysis, with focus on competitor research, market trends & brand legitimacy.

  • Manufacturing analysis, with focus on factory capabilities verses product requirements.

  • Innovation planning to enable maximum focus and implementation within the correct timeframe.

  • Out of season product & collection strategy planning.

Product Innovation

  • Fit for purpose analysis & concepts.

  • Key detail / function innovations & solutions.

  • Layering innovations through fabrication verses environment.

  • Sustainable & environmental solutions with implementation.

  • "Bring to Market" solutions for product & sales launch implementation.

Technical Apparel Design

  • Tech pack creative, development & implementation.

  • Material & trim design & development.

  • Garment fitting & construction engineering (including 3D pattern rendering).

  • On-site product development reviews & presentations.

  • Travel with customer for factory development.

Motivation & Mentoring

  • Key concept presentations.

  • Sales launch & sell-in presentations.

  • Project mentoring, with focus on communication of project aims.

  • Presentation & confidence workshops.

  • 1 to 1 coaching for creatives.



Born 1976 in the south of England. I grew up in the West Country, where I first discovered my love for art and design. After my foundation art course in Bristol, I decided to move North to study fashion design at Salford University.

After graduating I jumped at the opportunity to get involved in the apparel business and promptly moved to North Wales. After returning to Manchester for a time, I was offered the opportunity to move to the French Alps. This is where I was able to design and develop my skills based around my love for the outdoors & the mountains.

I spent 13 years working in France, both in the Alps, but also in the Pyrenees, where I set up my home, surrounded by the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. In 2018 I returned to the UK, where I continued to grow and learn new skills, until I decided to move on to try something new, something personal, something fresh.

In the last few years I have focused on building teams focused on specific goals and objectives for brands both in the UK and Europe.

Skill Set

Logical Minded: Reasoned approach to development, evidence orientated, focused on details

Initiative Orientated: Takes charge in a group, strategy focused, decisive 

Purposeful Attitude: Sets ambitious goals, diligent in application, reliable and disciplined

Structured Planner: Organised and structured attitude, diligent and realistic, common sense approach


Key Clients



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