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Skunkfunk K Collections

Spanning 3 years (2011 - 2013) and 4 seasons the Skunkfunk 'K' collection was created to offer a mens offering for the environmentally conscious Skunkfunk consumer.

Using recycled and natural materials, using ethically sourced labour the collection brings the spirit of the Skunkfunk brand and blends it with season on season themes.

These themes permeate the entire collection, from the colour palettes, to the shapes and silhouettes, and also the graphical finishes and details.

Themes including: "Free your mind", "Fight the grey" and "Unidentified Funky Object" (UFO) aim to bring a positive message with a fun spirit that encapsulates the essence of the SK brand. 

Rossignol 1907 Life Collection

Created as an extension of the 1907 Ski collection, the 1907 Life collection brings a luxurious twist on modern sportswear.

First launched in 2009 and utilising premium materials and luxurious trims, the collection is focused around offering quality apparel to the Rossignol fan and enthusiast.

Styling is bold but considered to sit alongside refined colour palettes and chic finishing. The 1907 life collection has been the basis for Rossignol's move into the fashion & lifestyle area, where they can explore and target both the ski connoisseur and luxury lifestyle consumers.

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