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Rab Autumn Winter 2020 Collection | New Season Highlight Teaser | Rab Equipment

Rab Autumn Winter 2020 Collection | New Season Highlight Teaser | Rab Equipment

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Rab Khroma Ski Collection

Created for the 2020 Winter Season, the Khroma ski collection is Rab's first full push into the ski market. Focusing on ski mountaineering & ski touring, the collection aims to provide the ultimate selection of apparel products designed for the Rab ski consumer.


Using premium technologies like Gore-Tex and proprietary materials like Proflex, the collection offers performance, precision and iconic Rab styling to set it apart from the competition. Coming Winter 2020, so more details to come once launched.

Rossignol 1907 Ski Collection

First created for the Winter 2010 Ski season. The 1907 ski collection was created to celebrate the heritage and origins of iconic ski brand Rossignol, but also became the platform to launch Rossignol's venture into premium outerwear.

Bringing back the iconic "Rooster" logo and combined with the "Bleu, Blanc, Rouge" of the brands proud French origins, the collection harness' these touchstones to create bold, luxurious pieces for the avid skier.

Using the "The '60's Golden Age of Ski" and iconic World Champion downhill skier, Jean-Claude Killy as a muse to drive the inspiration, the designs use JC's combined love of ski and motor racing to inform the retro race stripes, slick finishing and bold detailing.


Still existing today, the 1907 ski collection has continued to grow and evolve, but crucially still maintains its links back to the origins of the brand.